Pest Control in Shops

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Creating a Pest Control Plan for your Company is Our Mission

The presence of pests in businesses and establishments such as: Restaurants, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals and other companies that may or may not directly relate to the Customer may represent a loss not only of valuable material resources and comprehensive damage, but damage to the public image of the establishment.
In this particular case, SISCOPLAGAS is ready to intervene immediately, identify short and long-term threats and establish both immediate control of the pest and active monitoring using internationally certified protocols.


Common pests

Control of crawling, flying and rodent insects


Dangerous pests

Application of repellents against vipers, bats and scorpions


Occasional pest management

Swarms, fleas, bedbugs



Peaceful relocation of pigeons, cannon scarers, fly screens, cages, nets, sonic equipment for birds


Relocation of major species

Opossums, dogs and cats


Termite control

Termite control with pre-construction and post-construction treatments

To ensure that your heritage is free from damage by pests, we offer strategies for control and prevention of these with techniques tested and approved for their effectiveness, we offer:

  • Quote without obligation
  • Compliance with national and foreign laws and regulations
  • Use of odorless products
  • Supply, rental or sale of equipment
  • Consulting and training
  • Use of odorless products
  • Follow-up of cases for the prevention of new pests


For your health and heritage, it is recommended that you hire a technician specialized in integrated pest management.

On time

Your concern is ours! That is why at Siscoplagas we work 24 hours a day and of course any day of the year.


We are a company committed to our clients and we have a diversity of services that fit your needs.


At Siscoplagas we make sure that the service is effective, with high quality standards, the result of our constant training programs.

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We adapt our systems and work processes to the internal regulations of each of our clients. We are committed to complying with all legal and regulatory guidelines for quality improvement and compliance with the company’s objectives. We maintain training and education programs to have our personnel trained in new techniques for pest control, customer service, safety and environmental protection.

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