Industrial Fumigations

Industrial Fumigation at SLP

Preventing and controlling pests is our business

Large manufacturing companies in the industrial sector require an accurate and constant analysis of the risk factors that may affect their production process, the finishing of their products or the provision of services in order to prevent a total or partial loss in any of these items.


Common pest control

Control of crawling, flying and rodent insects.


Service to companies

Consulting and training for companies.


Occasional pest management

Swarms, fleas, bedbugs.


Dangerous pests

Application of repellents against vipers, bats and scorpions.



Peaceful relocation of birds, cannon scarers, nets, cages, nets, sonic equipment for birds.


Relocation of major species

Opossums, dogs and cats


Termite control

Termite control with pre-construction and post-construction treatments.



Supply, sale or rental of equipment.

We offer specialized services in integrated pest management to the food industry in its different fields, service providers in the hotel, restaurant and trade sectors in general, providing the trust and satisfaction of our services. Our system is focused on using better diagnostic and prevention techniques, using new technologies in equipment and products, complying with national and foreign regulations.



For your health and heritage, it is recommended that you hire a technician specialized in integrated pest management.

On Time

Your concern is ours! That is why at Siscoplagas we work 24 hours a day and of course any day of the year.


We are a company committed to our clients and we have a diversity of services that fit your needs.


At Siscoplagas we make sure that the service is effective, with high quality standards, the result of our constant training programs.

Relocation of other species

Occasionally, a building may be subject to other kinds of wildlife invasions: a population of birds , whose droppings represent a degrading of facades and building materials. building; as well as the presence of larger species such as opossums , dogs and cats .

Our company is able to deal with these invasions, capturing and relocating the invasive species, as well as using specialized resources and equipment to scare away and repel the species in the area. where it has been installed.

In the sector of fumigation companies , SISCOPLAGAS offers a warm and immediate treatment to the concerns of all kinds of clients who seek our services within our coverage, which includes the city of San Luís Potosí and Ciudad Valles.

Occasional pest control

Within the urban context, most infestations and pests occur when certain opportunity factors (inadequate storage or disposal of food and waste or lack of supervision of colonizable environments for the species) coincide with the proximity of the species.

On an average of the infestation and infestation incidences based on the characteristics of humidity and climate for the area comprised by the city of San Luís Potosí and Ciudad Valles, they are considered pests rodent species (rats) and cockroaches are common, followed by bedbugs and more occasional species such as wasp, bee and mosquito.

Integrated Pest Management Solutions for the industry

Food industry

Integrated pest management in the food industry
The presence of vectors in the agri-food industry (insects and rodents) contaminate the food in the industry, causing economic and image losses for your company. Siscoplagas offers professional Pest Control services in the Food Industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pest Control for the Pharmaceutical Industry
More than any other industry, measures and a rigorous protocol are required with regard to cleaning and hygiene, which is why a unique pest control program for the pharmaceutical industry is necessary.

General industry

Industrial Fumigation and Pest Control
In the industrial sector, it is very important to have a pest prevention plan. At Siscoplagas We have certifications that guarantee us and guarantee our service for any type of industry.

Our SLP Fumigation Company

We adapt our systems and work processes to the internal regulations of each of our clients. We are committed to complying with all legal and regulatory guidelines for quality improvement and compliance with the company’s objectives. We maintain training and education programs to have our personnel trained in new techniques for pest control, customer service, safety and environmental protection.

Clients with a Pest Control Plan in Mexico

We eliminate and control pests of any type of industry