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Bedbug Spraying and Extermination

bed bug spraying is a process derived from pest control that aims to eliminate the species in living spaces and labor, in addition to the establishment of preventive measures that will prevent new invasions.

During our years of experience, finding solutions to problems with invasive species, such as removing bedbugs , is often a task underestimated by the uninformed population of the potential dangers that this species implies and the complexity of the task.

Faced with the problem, the dissemination of objective information implies an urgent challenge in the professional field of pest control, as much advice that is usual to find in variety sites in the middle Digital, like home recipes, often result in an out-of-control pest.

In order to contribute documentation that presents useful information in a pest scenario of this type, the following explains what problems a bed bug infestation can cause , how a professional fumigation is carried out and what preventive measures can be taken to avoid the scenario.

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Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius and Triatoma infestans) are a parasitic species of insect, often mistaken for mites, that feeds on the blood from its guests usually within a few hours of sunrise. They are attracted to breathing and body heat.

An adult individual measures between 5 and 6 mm at rest and reaches up to 7 mm after feeding, is reddish, flat and oval in body and lacks wings. During its life cycle it is capable of laying between 200 and 500 eggs in approximately two months and will be able to survive long periods without feeding.

Not being detected in a timely manner, for example a localized pest on a bedroom bed, will spread naturally. First it will do it towards furniture with human contact to later invade adjacent spaces and rooms.

Although they are capable of transmitting diseases such as Chagas disease, it is important to mention that the direct vector is not the insect bite, but rather the feces that are usually deposited in proximity to the wounds . Pest victims often experience pain, irritation and, after a large number of bites, dermatitis.

Bed bug extermination

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Associated with the spread of the plague, there is a social stigma about its presence, both in vulnerable households and businesses ( transportation and hospitality mainly). This relates its appearance to cleaning conditions and even to the economy, which is a mistake if the adaptability and behavior of the species are understood.

Bed bug pests do not discriminate: being attracted to living beings’ heat and breathing, they can appear anywhere. Its detection and control must be carried out immediately to optimize the results of both processes.

Among the common indications of a bed bug infestation we can find:

Black spots on furniture and beds, eggs and clumps in the gaps between mattress seams, wall-to-floor corners, or cracks.

Blood spots on bedding . Consequence of the bites and one of the most unequivocal symbols of the presence of a blood-sucking species.

Sweet and nauseating scent . An unusual odor in a room that can be mistaken for humidity problems.

Presence of dry skin . Remains of fur moved by the species on furniture, the floor, bedding or mattresses.

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The Work of a Bed Bug Exterminator

While it may be tempting to take on such a problem to avoid social stigma or avoid spending, in most cases that decision will only worsen the problem for as long as the pest remains dormant.

The fastest, most efficient and cheapest solution, after the detection or suspicion of a bed bug infestation in a room or business, will always be to contact a professional pest control service. This, before the problem, will start an immediate, discreet and professional response process.

A trained, professional eye will be able to quickly locate caches and areas vulnerable to bedbugs. Upon positive detection, an adjacent search procedure will be performed to measure the spread of the pest.

Once the inspection has been completed, appropriate extermination methods and materials will be chosen for the specific characteristics to be treated, seeking at all times to minimize the potential risks for the inhabitants and animals present in place.

Bed Bug Spraying

Bed bug pests in hotels

The detection of a focus of spread in businesses vulnerable to the presence of the pest due to the high traffic with which they are related, makes the appearance extremely common of the kind in the rooms of most hotels.

After an inspection and positive detection of the presence of the pest in a room, a professional process will proceed to carry out a cube scan, which involves checking the rooms in direct contact with the focus on the same floor and on higher floors. lower.

Due to the spread of the species, this procedure is a priority, since the elimination of an initially detected focus does not usually imply, in most cases, that the problem has been Completely resolved throughout the building.

Bedbug Prevention

• Perform regular inspections on all mattresses in a complex or room, stopping them vertically and against light.

• Don’t ignore unusual signs such as black or red scents or stains on mattresses and bedding.

• Eliminate cracks in walls and furniture with a torn or torn tapestry.

• Regularly wash frequently used bedding, curtains and other furniture with hot water.

In conclusion, the role of a professional exterminator in a bed bug spraying process ensures an application based on concrete measurements and specialized knowledge that will define the method and the most suitable materials to guarantee 100% satisfactory results.