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Integrated Pest Management in Colima and Fumigation Service

In the sector of fumigation companies in Colima , SISCOPLAGAS offers a integrated pest management service offered by technicians and branch experts, able to adapt to the specific needs of each client and governed by internationally certified protocols and regulations.
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For pest control in Colima, our fumigation company is distinguished by its procedures that adapt to the climatic, geographical and urban conditions that define the appearance of occasional pests in any rural or urban circumstance.

Founded in 1990, our company focuses on offering comprehensive systems in pest management under strict quality policies, capable of adapting to the most varied circumstances present in a home, food industry, businesses, hospitals, public buildings and industrial buildings.

Eliminate pests from your company in Colima

Fumigation Services in Colima

Colima business fumigation

No more pest damage!

The presence of pests in businesses and establishments that may or may not relate directly to a customer may represent a loss not only of valuable material resources and comprehensive damage, but damage to the public image of the establishment.

In this particular case, our company is ready to intervene immediately, identify short and long-term threats and establish both immediate control of the pest and monitoring active using internationally certified protocols.

Likewise, within our coverage, we offer flexibility and the establishment of appointments in order not to affect or interrupt regular business activities, offering logistics solutions to both large businesses and all kinds of SMEs.

In this way, the company aims to prevent economic losses for business and business owners, while offering an effective solution to a problem that may hinder their operations.

Colima industrial spraying

We eliminate pests from your company!

Large manufacturing companies require a accurate and constant analysis of risk factors that may affect their production process, product finish or provision of services in order to prevent a total or partial loss in any of these items.
In this case, our team of specialists is trained to offer a comprehensive service that adapts to the regulations and dynamics of the sector of any company, working together with the departments present and responsible for safety and hygiene within the structure.
Both urgent, periodic or preventive fumigation can initiate a long-term relationship, which our company proposes to document appropriately in order to establish a concrete follow-up that allows analyzing and improving results.

Likewise, the company will seek to establish mutual follow-up commitments in order to complement any directive or need for certification of the company.

In the specific case of companies corresponding to the food industry , our company is trained and updated in compliance with the standard Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the international standards established in the field.
The process can and should include a solution scheme focused on the specific problems of the plant or industrial warehouse to which service will be provided, in order to guarantee food safety throughout the process.

Pest Control in Colima

Rat Spraying

With territorial behavior and a medium to high speed of reproduction depending on the age of the infestation, the species presents a high risk of structural damage a buildings and furniture housed.
The chances that the species has created a colony within pipes, underground or hidden facilities, as well as inside walls and ceilings of susceptible materials increases with the permanence of a species that has found a permanent source of food.
Due to the health risks that its presence implies above all for the food industry, the time available to respond to the incident is necessarily short; action must be taken immediately, taking both eradication measures and modifications to the access of the current power supplies.

Fumigate cockroaches

How to Eliminate roaches and other insects? As it is a widely spread species and adaptable to all kinds of conditions and contexts, cockroach pests become widespread when immediate adequate measures are not taken to eradicate them in food companies and industries.
Likewise, taking into account its reproductive characteristics, a comprehensive control plan must necessarily include a follow-up on the initial fumigation to avoid the possibility of repopulation.
Due to the variables involved in the presence of a colony, there is no single answer on how to eliminate roaches that is viable in all scenarios; but a series of responses and measures that must be adapted to the context under specialized advice.

Dangerous pests

Control and prevention of dangerous pests. Poisonous species like vipers and crawling insects like are considered dangerous pests scorpions and aircrafts such as bats , which due to the characteristics of their species, will contaminate the space where they stay, generating a focus of intoxication and disease.

In addition to offering an immediate response to the presence of this class of species; Our company offers the application of effective repellents in order to prevent the appearance of these species.
If you have detected any type of dangerous pest in your business, urgently call our technical experts in fumigation of this type of animal to carry out a pest control plan in your company.

Colima Fumigation Company for Commerce and Industry


Control de Plagas en Restaurantes: Contamos con el mejor plan de prevención y control de plagas para bares y restaurantes. Nuestro programa cuenta con todos los certificados sanitarios. Si has detectado cualquier tipo de plaga en tu restaurante, llámanos y contrata nuestro servicio de fumigación en Colima.

Food industry

Pest Control for the Food Industry: The presence of vectors in the agri-food industry (insects and rodents) contaminate food from the industry, causing economic and image losses of your company. Siscoplagas offers professional Pest Control services in the Food Industry.


Pest Control Plan in Hotels: Hotels, tourist apartments and accommodations are very vulnerable from the point of view of insect infestation, rodents or birds. If you have detected any type of pest, call us and contract our fumigation service in Colima for hotels.

Integrated Management of occasional pests in Colima

The hygiene and safety conditions of all kinds of buildings and offices can occasionally establish the necessary conditions for the formation of swarms and the infestation of fleas and bedbugs .

Likewise, old buildings, such as those located in historic centers and that depend on a structure of wooden beams are prone to infestations of termites that put the total integrity of the affected building at risk.

Our staff is trained to respond with a strategic and effective solution to the presence of these species, eliminating immediate risks and preventing their spread.

Relocation of other species

Occasionally, a building may be subject to other kinds of wildlife invasions: a population of birds , whose droppings represent a degrading of facades and building materials. building; as well as the presence of larger species such as opossums , dogs and cats .

Our company is able to deal with these invasions, capturing and relocating the invasive species, as well as using specialized resources and equipment to scare away and repel the species in the area. where it has been installed.

In the sector of fumigation companies , SISCOPLAGAS offers a warm and immediate treatment to the concerns of all types of clients who seek our fumigation services within of our coverage, which includes the city of Colima.