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Cockroach Spraying Definitely

Cockroaches are one of the groups of insects with more species in the world (around 4,500) and with more permanence on Earth (300 million years old ), the adaptability they have reached is unimaginable. That is why cockroach spraying is essential whenever a pest appears, be it at home or in the workplace.

Despite this, it should be noted that many of the species have a fundamental role in the purification of rotting materials in nature, thus forming part of natural renewal cycles. However, in the case of those that live with humans, we cannot say the same.

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Detecting a cockroach infestation

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Domestic cockroaches come from filth and are present in all human settlements. Its appearance can cause stomach diseases such as salmonellosis or gastroenteritis, as well as respiratory conditions derived from its waste. The basic characteristics to detect them are:

Liquid bowel movements . They occur when these animals have water sources nearby and their excretions are watery. These are dark, shapeless patches, which accumulate near places of refuge.

Fecal matter . When they do not have constant access to a flow of water, then bowel movements typically recognized as feces may appear. These are small cylinders, no larger than 2 mm., Which are most commonly found in the grooves between the walls and the floor.

Insects visible . Although they are less common during the day, since they usually move when they detect the lack of human activity, both nymphs and adults can be seen transiting from one place to another; in particular, when a box is repositioned or a piece of furniture is moved.

Eggs (ootheques) . Confused with feces from these or other types of insects and animals, ootheques are, more than an embryo, a cluster of eggs concentrated in a kind of sac that bursts when they hatch. They usually leave them in hidden spaces, stuck with saliva in corners of difficult access.

Where are roaches found?

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Cockroaches are mesophilic insects, this means that they develop optimally in temperatures between 15 ° and 30 ° C. Moderate temperature conditions that, given their adaptability, can increase or decrease without radically affecting them. Likewise, they prefer darkness, so they are more frequent in:

– Furniture. Mainly where food is stored as cupboards or pantries, they have ideal conditions for the development of a colony: heat, darkness and food.

– Openings, grooves, cracks. Both on furniture and on walls and tiles (especially on baseboards), cockroaches find a safe haven that It allows them to monitor human activity to leave as soon as it stops.

– Home appliances. Mainly in humid, hot areas and where there are food remains such as blender motors, microwave ovens and refrigerator grills.

– Boxes and drawers. If you are used to keeping tools or other materials in boxes and drawers, hygiene is essential to avoid them, because, even when you discover them, they usually find a hiding place that is difficult to control.

How to exterminate roaches

Roaches are very hardy animals , reproduce easily and can survive in radical conditions. When food is scarce, they are able to survive on hair, soap, glue, cloth, and even other dead congeners.

For all the above, talking about his extermination requires a complete analysis and the application of specialized methods. Many times, people believe that with homemade methods or insecticides bought in supermarkets they will be able to eradicate a roach infestation, but there is nothing further from reality.

The advantage of calling a roach exterminator does not lie in the chemical instruments it can use or the doses it pours. The true role of a professional is developed in the visualization of the size and the elaboration of a plan that contemplates, among other things:

1.- The total eradication of the colony (ootheques, nymphs and adults).

2.- The conservation of a environment suitable for people and animals.

3.- Where and how to apply the methods of extermination.

4.- The application of future control mechanisms to avoid another infestation.

Now you know that cockroach spraying is not a matter of choice; on the contrary, it is the only effective method to totally eradicate these insects and thus avoid contact with them and their consequences for your health.

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