Fumigation of Bedbugs, Rats, Roaches and Termites

How do we control pests?

Fumigation of rats and rodents

For the control of rodents we have developed the best programs always in compliance with the highest standards of pest control. We use effectively.
We design specific cords for the activity of each rodent, in order to ensure they are kept as far away from their operations as possible.
We work by placing safety laces, 1st and 2nd lanyards with anti-coagulant tablets, which will eliminate the rodent in a matter of days, a 3rd lanyard with capture stations, which will cancel the activity of the captured rodent.
Catches and consumptions are identified and accounted for to prevent us with actions that ensure control of detected pests.
Our staff will solve your doubts and propose solutions to your problems.

Spraying cockroaches and crawling insects

We have programs designed to prevent establishments from being damaged and compromising the safety of their customers and products from pests of crawling insects, including cockroaches.
We are prepared to establish routines for applying chemical controls and physical controls for crawling insects such as roaches, scorpion ants, giving users peace of mind from homes to large industries. We use chemical products authorized and with their respective permission number, under approved procedures.
Installation of rubber traps, which prevent any activity of the captured insects.
We identify and account for pest activity in your facilities and in this way we help implement joint actions to control detected pests.
The most common insect pests are: Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Fleas, Termites, Moths, Ticks, Ants.

Pests of flies and flying insects

The installation of state-of-the-art equipment and the proper use of chemicals with the best field of action for the control of flying insects are part of our chores.
Through the installation of state-of-the-art equipment, we developed a monitoring system for the activity of the pest of flying insects in your establishment, in this way we propose solutions to reduce the incidence of pests in your installation.
Chemical controls are also carried out preventively or correctively, using approved chemicals.
All incidents are accounted for and plotted.

Fumigation or relocation of larger species

We have equipment designed for the capture and relocation of larger species, we will keep your premises and land safe from damage of species of this type.
We also have a pacific relocation service for major pests through the use of cages and non-lethal capture devices.
Our technicians are trained to handle these situations and give you smart solutions.


Occasional pests

Sometimes unwanted visitors come to our facilities, we have pest control programs that come only for shelter or occasional food.
Our staff is trained to restore peace of mind to your home or facilities by visiting unexpected insects.