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Fumigation Services in San Luis Potosí and Pest Control

Rats, Cockroaches, Insects, Bedbugs, Termites

Fumigation Services in San Luis Potosí and Integrated Pest Management


No more rodent and insect pest damage!
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Taking care of your heritage is our task, so it is necessary that you take into account that pests of cockroaches, mice or bedbugs, can destroy materials, this will imply a significant economic expense for your business. At Siscoplagas we care about taking the necessary measures and thus avoid that these types of problems that may come to your business do not spread quickly.


Every industry must have an Integrated Pest Management plan!

We offer an Integrated Pest Management plan designed for each type of industry, which complies with the quality and control regulations that allow you to maintain the reputation of your company and protection to your clients. Based on a risk analysis to guarantee the quality and safety of the processes. Get your pest control certificate!


Do you have insect or mouse pests in your home?
We help you exterminate bedbugs, roaches, fleas, termites …

Don’t forget the importance of carrying out a pest fumigation once your house is newly built or belongs to other owners, so you can avoid insect or rodent pests that affect your health and that of your family.


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